Do you need one stop for all your solutions?

How hard are you working in your business leaving no time to develop your vision?

You should be able to take your ideas from womb to tomb. We can help you to do just that. We are an innovative company bent on delivering solutions to assist the small business to achieve some very determined goals. We can:

  • Connect your desktop to the web

  • Streamline your front office, your workshop, your sales process

  • Maximise your customers’ support

  • Reduce the company’s overheads

  • Provide time for research and development

Our development team can look at your operations and show you affordable solutions to improve the way you do your your business. Successful results are achieved when you apply our solutions to your real-world needs such as product development, marketing, sales, manufacturing, process improvement, team meetings and work space design.

Our vision is to deliver credible and affordable solutions to the small and medium sized business. Our primary objective is to improve your productivity and reduce your operating cost. There is no hard sell to what we do, just an honest commitment to prove we can make a difference. You only pay based on genuine results. The team at One Stop Solutions can offer support in:

  • Project development and management

  • Information technology

  • Developing Networking Solutions

  • Telephony solutions

  • Custom Software solutions

  • Business management

  • Planning

  • Administration

  • Human Resource Management

  • Marketing

  • Workplace Safety

  • Process Controls

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